Child care

To access your first FREE childcare class, select the

“first childcare class FREE ” and register each child with their own account.

Then sign them up to childcare for the specific class.


All children ages 3 months to 11 years  are welcome in our kids play room 1 x day for a maximum of 90 minutes.

Parents will be required to sign up in advance and follow our cancellation policy.

No food in the play room, but we will allow water and pre-made baby bottles for feeding.

Parents must remain in The Yoga Studio at all times and cannot leave without their children present.

A childcare worker must be present in the kids play room before a child is to be dropped off.

Parents will be called out for the following reasons:

– A child’s diaper needs to be changed, or a child needs to use the bathroom.

– A child is crying for longer than 15 minutes.

– A child is hurt or sick.


Sick Child Cancellation:

Call The Yoga Studio at the main number if you need to cancel a childcare reservation – Sick Child cancellations must be received AT LEAST 2 Hours PRIOR TO class start time. This insures appropriate time to respectfully notify our childcare workers.

DO NOT bring your child to the Future Yogis Studio if:

• your child has a runny nose and the drainage is unclear.

• your child has diarrhea/been vomiting – in the past 24 hrs.

• your child is running a fever (even low-grade).

• your child is coughing phlegm.

• your child has ANY other contagious diseases, including ringworm, lice, or pink eye.


Childcare add-on:

1 class: $6 + $3 for additional child

1 month unlimited $30 (1 child)

$45 (2 children)

$55 (3 children)

Each child must be registered separately and maintain their own log in information.