if you toss and turn when you should be sleeping, you’re not alone. more than a third of adults in the u.s. struggle with insomnia and it wreaks havoc on our health. sleeping less than seven hours daily is associated with an increased risk of developing obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and mental distress. lack of sleep can even induce or exaggerate some mental health disorders.

sleep experts agree—we need to tuck ourselves in every day for 7-9 hours. that’s considered the minimum for optimal health and well-being. yoga helps insomnia and it’s important to tackle your sleep issue as soon as possible. unaddressed insomnia tends to get worse over time and is harder to treat when sleep issues become habitual.

in the meantime, know that there are a lot of people out there struggling with sleep just like you. but there are solutions—and you don’t necessarily need a prescription or even a medical professional. a few yoga poses and meditation before bed can work wonders!

are you an insomniac? these celebrities feel your pain!

jennifer ainston has had trouble sleeping. so has george clooney, meghan markle and mariah carey. how do these fast-tracking celebs kick sleepless nights to the curb? they just say om! bedtime yoga, particularly certain asanas, is the go-to choice for many who are sleep deprived.

by definition, insomnia is simply having difficulty falling or staying asleep. but anyone who has suffered from lack of sleep knows it’s not so simple. some 95 percent of adults say they have experienced insomnia at some point in their lives, and a third say they deal with sleepless nights at least once every year.

yoga helps insomnia by offering gentle exercise, deep relaxation, and the ability to clear your mind of any worry and anxiety that may keep you up at night. we offer the yin yoga, which is especially helpful when your brain goes into overdrive and you find yourself thinking and worrying about work or life stresses. learning how to switch off can make the difference between deep sleep and a restless night.

yoga helps insomnia so you can sleep better now

even if you don’t typically take a yoga class at night, you can still apply your know-how and do the best yoga poses for insomnia right before bedtime, along with some meditation. our dedicated yogis are more than happy to help you with the asanas most conducive to better sleep. if you have trouble sleeping, you don’t want to rev yourself up just before bed with the elevation class or power vinyasa.

aside from the yin, take a look at the meditation class or the soul flow. yoga is particularly good for your brain and can induce a sense of calm relaxation. no matter what class you’re taking, talk to any one of our helpful instructors about the best yoga poses for insomnia. we want to help you experience deep and restful zzzz’s asap.

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