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Jennifer Ostman lotus

jennifer ostman

go-to song: sigur 3 by sigur ros
dream vacation: anywhere i can go scuba diving
guilty pleasure: wine!
celebrity crush: chris hemsworth
favorite yoga pose: half moon- i love the trust and vulnerability required to open your heart to the sky, while staying rooted to the ground.

hi!  my name is jennifer ostman, and my yoga practice started when my mom took me to my first class in high school.  health and exercise were always important in my household growing up, and my mom continues to be my inspiration for maintaining a level of health and wellness that will allow you to run around and play, well into your older years (you should see her with her grandkids!). i completed my first 200 hr certification in 2009 with gaia flow yoga and a second 200 hr certification in 2012 with american power yoga.
in my class, you will learn how to cultivate a sense of self-awareness that will guide you through your entire life.  you will learn to listen to what your body is trying to tell you by following your breath, trusting your instinct, and quieting your mind. you may discover strength that you didn’t realize you had, or you may find the quiet and stillness that your body is craving.
in addition to teaching yoga, i am also a nutritional therapy practitioner, and firmly believe that reaching optimal health requires fitting together many pieces of a large puzzle.  pieces like food, movement, sunshine, relationships, water, and sleep. we must approach our health and our lives holistically, and understand that this is a lifelong journey- no need to be perfect today, but instead incorporate all of the things that continue to help you feel your best.

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