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manny nicandro

Go-to song: the rubberband man by the spinners
Dream vacation: mars
Guilty pleasure: binge watch shows on netflix
Celebrity crush: scarlett johansson
Favorite Yoga Pose: i have two, mermaid pose, targets a lot of my favorite areas to stretch on the body (sholders, hips, IT band, quads, heart opener) and headstand, i love to be upside down

i started my yoga journey through svadhyaya or study of the self in 2012. i went to the school of metaphysics in dallas, tx and studied key essential life skills such as concentration, visualization, meditation, reasoning and pranayama or breath work. in 2015 i completed the first cycle of lessons in their mastering consciousness course. i began practicing yoga asana in 2016. i was told by my teachers that mind and body must unite through tapas or pranayama and consistent asana practice, in order to truly feel soul. this intrigued me. i completed my first 200hr teacher training in 2017 under the style of hatha raja to further my studies of the self. i was so moved at the thought that i could help people gain understanding of themselves that in the same year i completed a second 200hr teacher training to reach a level of confidence to guide others through asana practice safely and consciously. now i do my best to live my life by isvarapranidhana or love of god and right action. it is my duty to help spread yoga to those interested and create an environment that is inviting and supportive to all levels of practitioners to experience themselves on a mind, body, and soul level. i hope to help guide you back to the awareness of the wholeness that you are. om shanti shanti shanti

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