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almost a decade ago, at what i considered my physical peak as a runner, crossfitter, and indoor cyclist i was invited to a yoga class. i accepted the invitation and was super cocky expecting to be bored but to get a good stretch. fast forward to end of my first class and i was a puddle of tears in savasana. one yoga class had allowed me to release so much aggression, anxiety, and the expectations i had created for myself. i got a glimpse of letting go of the stories we so often tell ourselves about how we are not good enough.

instantly, i craved the balance i so lacked in my life. a yin to my yang. something that could supplement the other areas of my life i so loved. yoga has been that.
to this day, if you take a class with me, you will feel that yang. that push. my goal is always to take you to your edge. to that place that you go beyond where you have been before and find a new area of strength and confidence. then follow that confidence with a space to find peace and honor within yourself.
i am a certified 200 hour yoga instructor, spin instructor, hiit instructor and mat pilates instructor. my true passion is hiit style workouts. i’ve always said that in an ideal world, i’d love to teach a full 45 minute hiit class followed by yin and then meditation/ savasana.
yoga/hiit/strength is that class. the yoga studio. has created a space where you can come in, get a safe warm up (flow), gain some strength, take your heart rate up, push past your edge hiit), and then restore and recover (yin/savasana). it’s the perfect package.
join me to find strength and better yourself inside and out.

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