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sheri ruiz.

go-to song: post malone
dream vacation: thailand or bali
guilty pleasure: cocktails
celebrity crush: lenny kravitz
favorite yoga pose: revolved runners lunge

for sheri, yoga is much more than physical postures and getting fit: it is a passion. sheri’s journey began in 2009, when she attended a yoga class at a local gym to move her body and maybe lose some weight. after two years of attending classes, she embarked on her 200-hour yoga teacher training, which eventually led to her 500 ryt certification in 2016. sheri also holds a specialized certification of ayurveda lifestyle counselor. this unique lifestyle is for students who yearn for additional ways to balance the mind, body and soul. yoga is sheri’s passion, but merging yoga and the ayurvedic lifestyle is her fire.

sheri has been a registered nurse for 20 years; as a medical professional, she finds the human body fascinating and beautiful, and as a yoga instructor she loves to show her students how to understand and appreciate its wonders.

sheri ruiz, e-ryt200, ryt500, rn

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