1.what are the benefits of yoga?

*physical Benefits:

   -increased flexibility

   -increased muscle strength and tone while reducing muscle tension

   -improved respiration, energy and vitality

   -cardio and circulatory health

   -better posture and stability for the spine

   -improved athletic performance

   -protection from injury and increased body awareness

*mental Benefits:

  -releases stress

  -calms and centers the nervous system

  -promotes relaxation and greater mental focus

  -helps you build confidence and cultivate a harmonious relationship to self and others

  -encourages the practice of self-love and self-care through acceptance and non-judgement


2. can anyone practice yoga?


*yes, we are all beginners at one point.  The Yoga Studio offers a variety of yoga classes that will benefit you depending on what you need in a particular day and throughout certain stages in your life.


3.  what should I keep in mind while practicing yoga?


*yoga means union and creates a powerful connection between your mind, body, breath, and spirit.  The practice is very personal as everyone will look and feel a little differently in the poses.  Always listen and respect your body.  Practice in a mindful and compassionate way, resting and modifying the poses as often as needed.  No matter how skilled your teachers are, you will always be the most important guide in your yoga practice.


4. what is the basic etiquette at the yoga studio?


* if possible, please arrive early and avoid entering the studio once class has started.  Check-in begins approximately 15 minutes prior to class.

* sign in at the front desk prior to class, or pre-register online if possible.

* enter the studio quietly, removing your shoes before entering class.

* silence or turn off cell phones.

* practice quietly, connecting to the sound of your breath, and be respectful of your teacher and other students.

* put away mats and props after use and wipe down the mat with our mat cleaner.


5. do I need to bring anything?


*community yoga mats and a variety of props are available for your use.  However, if you have your own mat, we recommend we bring it with you.  Mats are available for purchase at the studio.


6.  if I have a current/past injury or health condition can I practice yoga?


*please consult your physician prior to practicing yoga if you have concerns.  Also, inform your teacher of your condition prior to class so they can guide you in the safest, most beneficial way possible.