workshops and trainings

you are curious to deepen your self-awareness, to learn more about health, life, wellness and ultimately advance your yoga practice. workshops are usually 90 minutes and are mini seminars filled with tools of development. here is how you can explore empowerment and transformation through workshops and trainings at the yoga studio:

  1. connect through small group gatherings where our certified instructors share their craft with you. groups of students enjoy 90 to 120-minute workshops specializing in various topics that serve our community. meet and share time with fellow students who share common interests, support your studio and enjoy the company of friends while you learn.
  2. build your tool box of development. through learning and sharing, you dig deeper into the why behind yoga pose, learn how to set up and expand inversions, arm balances, heart openers, hip openers, all while setting and crushing goals and creating a deeper self-awareness and experiencing mindful growth. 
  3. explore your desire to share time and talent through yoga teacher training. learning teachings about anatomy, alignment, assisting, philosophy of yoga and more. step into and embrace the tools to be your best self in the role of guiding and teaching yoga.

these are our upcoming workshops and trainings at the yoga studio:

if you have taken a workshop with us, please share your feedback.