vinyasa flow. is yoga done the yoga studio. way

vinyasa flow. is a style of yoga that synchronizes movement with breath. commonly referred to as “flow” yoga, in yoga classes, students coordinate yoga poses with breath and flow from one pose to the next. the goal is to focus on linking conscious breath with a mindful flow. vinyasa flow is also the term used to describe a ​specific ​sequence of poses (chaturanga to upward facing dog to downward facing dog​)​ commonly used throughout a yoga class​.

the  yoga offered at the yoga studio.— vinyasa flow. —introduces a wide variety of postures and no two classes are ever alike. it is designed for you to move at a slower and steady pace, which at times can actually be more challenging to your mind and body. with vinyasa yoga, you will get a deeper understanding of how important and supportive your breathing technique is as you flow with the rhythm of your breath through the diverse sequences and settle into the experience of holding poses for a longer duration.

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choose vinyasa flow. and start your training

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just what is yoga?

the term vinyasa yoga is derived from the sanskrit word. so it makes sense that we are not throwing our bodies around when doing  yoga poses but are bringing conscious movement to each moment of our practice.

yoga teachers sequence their classes to smoothly transition from pose to pose, with the intention of linking breath to movement, and often play music to keep things lively. the intensity of the practice is similar to ashtanga, but no two yoga classes are the same.

here are some things to know about  vinyasa flow yoga:

  • alignment matters.
  • breath matters.
  • it’s a meditation in motion.
  • there are always alternative options.
  • you can always rest.
  • props are your friend.
  • the magic is in the transitions.
  • it can be a powerful workout.

what to expect at vinyasa flow. yoga

the vinyasa flow class at the yoga studio. has the introspective intention of creating a balance between movement and stillness that will help you feel more grounded, strong, and open while maintaining a calm and focused mindset. our yoga approach is really one that offers yoga for everybody. our certified yoga instructors structure classes in a way that allows you freedom to choose the version of yoga poses you’re most comfortable with. teachers will typically introduce a basic-level pose, then build on that for all levels.

transitions in vinyasa flow are considered postures and time is spent on this to encourage movement in a more graceful, connected way. the transitions in yoga are as much a part of the class as the asanas. as in most yoga classes, in vinyasa flow we suggest your inhalation is connected to upward, open movements, while exhalation is tied to downward movements or twists. the studio temperature is set at 75-80 degrees.

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