we are committed to sharing the practice and philosophy of yoga in an inspiring, compassionate, and safe environment in order to help create a healthier, happier and stronger community. We strive to teach yoga in a way that encourages people to incorporate the valuable lessons they learn on their mat into their day-to-day lives. We share a vision of connection, inclusivity, and fun as we journey together to live life to the fullest and align to our true and best selves.

class descriptions

the empower flow.

this heated Power Vinyasa yoga class is designed to challenge, strengthen, and empower your practice as you flow breath by breath through the sequences and explore your own personal edge.  The diverse posture sequences allow you to explore a variety of yoga poses and transitions, strengthen your foundation, and often includes opportunities to explore arm balances and inversions.  Prepare to sweat, detoxify, flow to great music, connect to your core, work hard, play harder and leave your practice feeling strong, energized, and inspired.

* class temperature is set to 90 degrees.

*although this class is welcome to all levels of practice and experience, it is most suited for students with a general knowledge of Vinyasa Flow yoga.

the soul flow.

this Vinyasa yoga class is designed for you to move at a slower and steady pace which at times this can be more challenging for the mind and body.  You will create a deeper understanding of how important and supportive your breathing technique is as you flow with the rhythm of your breath through the diverse sequences and settle into the experience of holding poses for longer durations.  The introspective intention of creating a balance between movement and stillness will help you feel more grounded, strong, and open while maintaining a calm and focused mindset.

* class temperature is set between 75-80 degrees.

*this class is open to all levels of practice and experience.

the force.

this class will awaken the force within you. The dynamic sequences combine yoga poses, strength training, and HIIT (high intensity interval training) which creates a full body work-out.  You will explore your own unique edge, flow to great music and focus on targeting muscles that will help strengthen your yoga practice.  The combination of yoga poses, strength training, and cardio followed by deep release Yin poses will leave you feeling more empowered, energized, and connected to your inner life force.

* class temperature is set to 85 degrees.

* this class is suitable for all levels of practice and experience; modifications are given and weights will vary for    each student.

the foundation.

this yoga class is designed to build more confidence and a deeper understanding of yoga poses and philosophy.  It is perfect for newer students or anyone wanting to connect back to the basics of their yoga practice.  You will learn breathing techniques, proper alignment, pose names and explore a combination of supine, seated, and standing poses.

the elevation.

this Aerial yoga class will connect you to the fun-filled, playful and innovative experience of aerial arts.  You will explore unique sequences in the hammocks that combine basic yoga poses, core work, inversions, and deep release stretching that will leave your mind and body feeling both invigorated and relaxed.

 * this class is welcome to all levels of practice and experience, no aerial experience required.

* what to wear:  Yoga clothing that covers underarms and legs (shorts are not recommended) and isn’t         too loose.  Avoid wearing tops and bottoms with zippers. Non slip yoga toe socks are required and can     be purchased in the studio. Jewelry and lotion is not recommended.

the yin.

this yoga class is a deliciously meditative experience as it encourages deep release and relaxation.  Combining Yin and Restorative yoga postures along with the use of essential oils will allow you to restore, heal, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.  The floor based Yin poses are held for 3-6 minutes and focus on relaxing rather than contracting your muscles and lubricating the connective tissue of the body (the tendons, fascia, and ligaments). This style of yoga helps release energetic blocks in the body, improves circulation, and promotes flexibility.

the Restorative yoga poses are all supported by yoga props and held for longer duration as well, so little effort is needed to surrender into the benefits of each pose. The deep breathing and meditation techniques incorporated in this class will lead you into a blissful state while connecting to your true essence.

* this mellow class is a great compliment to our flow classes and for students who feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed with the demands that life can bring or just need time to quiet the mind and rest the body.