Did you know that yoga not only helps with relaxation but can help tone your muscles? Have you always dreamed of having sleek and defined muscles but hate weight training?

Yoga for strength is an option if you’re not interested in weight training. In this article, we will talk about how yoga can help with toning!

People are spending hours in the gym getting ripped, but you can do a more relaxed approach for a sleek and toned look.

Read on to discover tips on yoga for muscle toning!

1. Yoga for Strength

Did you know that 36.7% of Americans practiced yoga in 2016? The percentage of people who do yoga increases each year. Rightfully so since not only is yoga calming but it’s a great workout!

You might wonder how it’s toning, well when you’re doing yoga you’re holding up your entire body weight. So instead of lifting weights which you don’t need, you’re using your entire body!

Yoga is considered a form of strength training. According to Elite, there was a study done which showed those who did yoga had an improvement in endurance and strength!

Holding the triangle pose and warrior pose for example tones your legs and strengthens them as well. Inversion poses and arm balances help build muscle strength.

When you’re holding these positions, you’re working smaller muscles as well not just major muscles like weight machines.

2. Yoga vs. Weight Training

Yoga can be more well-rounded than strength training:

  • When you’re practicing yoga you can reduce your risk of injury and get your body used to moving in different patterns.
  • Yoga tones your entire body as well, whereas strength training is working on one muscle group at a time.
  • Aesthetically speaking yoga will give your muscles a sleeker look and increases flexibility in your joints.  
  • It can also increase your muscle’s endurance since you’re holding poses.

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3. Full-Body Workout

Did you know yoga not only tones your muscles but is a full body workout? For example, in downward dog, you’re using your abs and all the muscles in your body to hold yourself up.

Best of all it doesn’t feel like a workout. You can have peaceful music playing while slowly moving into different poses. You’ll also know that during this relaxation you’re toning your muscles as well!

Most poses feel good as well, so what’s better than relaxing, feeling good, and toning your muscles?

Next Steps

It’s great news that you can ditch those weights and build muscle through yoga, isn’t it? Yoga for strength is recognized and appreciated, and you’ll get the sleek muscles you’ve always dreamed of!

There are many different poses that’ll tone your entire body instead of weight training which only works on one muscle group at a time. It’s much more appealing to slowly go into each pose, have some relaxing music playing, than burning out and being exhausted from weight training!

Remember as well that yoga will give you more of a sleek and elongated look to your muscles than weight training. You’ll feel your best and look your best while having fun!

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