around 15 percent of the us population practices yoga. the growth of yoga over the past ten years has been remarkable.

and yet, yoga never stands still. just like the practice, yoga trends are always moving and shifting in new directions.

it’s not always easy to keep up-to-date with the most recent yoga trends. check out our guide to the new yoga trends for 2019 below!

1. acroyoga

acroyoga already has the celebrity backing of the writer and actress lena dunham and the model gisele bündchen.

the newest yoga trend is actually quite old. it blends the healing power of yoga practice with acrobatics.

therefore, you can really build up your strength with the practice. you also have to face your fear.

the “flying” position involves being suspended in the air by another person beneath you. this can make you feel totally out of control.

however, that also brings us to another aspect of the practice, communicating with the other person. by opening up with your yoga partner you develop trust together.

2. kundalini yoga 

another growing yoga trend is called kundalini.

what does it mean? it translates as “coiled snake.”

remember, yoga’s popularity has grown at the same time as mindful meditation has also received an even greater audience.

therefore, kundalini taps into the desire for peacefulness and harmony in the same manner as meditation.

so, you should be thinking about calm breathing, chanting combined with the traditional movements of yoga.

3. ayurveda

yoga isn’t a sport. it’s also a way of life.

that’s why many people are picking up ayurveda. this is translated as “life” and “knowledge.”

it is an ancient medicinal system popular in india. it includes everything from your eating patterns to natural remedies.

if you’ve been a yogi for a while, you may be ready to take your yoga practice to the next level with ayurveda.

4. dog yoga

dogs love routine. why not introduce morning yoga into your fur baby’s day?

the dog yoga (or doga) trend is picking up.

you can enjoy the benefits of yoga while also passing on some of the benefits to man’s best friend. for example, improved circulation and mind stimulation.

yoga is about being in the present. any dog owner knows that dogs are always living in the moment.

if you don’t have a dog, there are many other types of animal yoga which you may want to explore as well.

5. eco yoga

science tells us that we’re not spending enough time in nature. this could improve our mental and physical health significantly.

this realization combined with a concern for the environment has seen the emergence of eco yoga.

this is the practice of yoga in the great outdoors. you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with eco yoga.

new yoga trends for 2019

yoga is always changing. the growing popularity of the practice has also seen the emergence of new yoga trends.

one thing stays the same in yoga. it’s the importance of getting down to the yoga studio to practice.

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