yoga with kittens. yoga with goats. yoga with lemurs, sloths and chickens (yes, chickens). when it comes to yoga trends, there is no shortage of ideas and it seems nothing is too crazy. yoga with beer? check. yoga with cursing? check again. naked yoga. yep, that’s a thing too.

om, really? is there a benefit of doing downward facing dog with an actual dog? or doing warrior with chickens squawking nearby? surprisingly, yes. animals and yoga are interconnected in ways people don’t think about it. there’s also a benefit to changing up your practice in unexpected ways.

challenge your practice with the latest yoga trends

ok, so we’re kind of on the fence about chickens and we’re definitely not into mixing yoga with alcohol or swearing. but puppies and kittens? we get it! there are plenty of asanas named for animals. who doesn’t love to do cat and cow or appreciate the challenge of crocodile or eagle? and if these classes have a hand in getting some shelter pets adopted, that’s a karmic win for everyone involved.

here are a few of the trends we love:

  • kitten yoga. who can resist? unless you’re allergic of course. and allergies might be enough reason to keep the cat off the mat. but when yoga and felines come together, fun is a guarantee.
  • doga. yoga with dogs. it’s simply a new level of comfy calm when a puppy nuzzles you during savasana.
  • aerial yoga. we can’t get enough of anti-gravity yoga and here’s the schedule if you want to check it out too. the benefits for your core, posture and flexibility can’t be matched. plus it’s really really fun!
  • hiit yoga. another class we offer (the force) because we believe in it. this heart-pumpin’ class will flood you with sweaty endorphins and up your cardiorespiratory fitness.

yin yoga. it’s sort of like restorative yoga, but with emphasis on deep connective tissues. we love its ability to calm the mind and improve the flow of chi. give it a try!

no thanks! these yoga trends we can do without

we love to get our drink on just like anyone else. what’s a sports bar without beer or fine dining without wine? and once in a while we have to belt out a few expletives to shake off frustration. but mixing these things with yoga? it seems counterintuitive at best!

  • beer and bros. or just beer. we get it and we appreciate the spirit but still think alcohol is better left outside the yoga studio doors.
  • in the nude. naked yoga has been around for centuries and can be traced to religious ascetics. but we still don’t like it. nudity is distracting and lots of sweaty flesh is very slippery.
  • rage yoga. drink, swear and get bent. we’re all for throwing down a serious string of naughty words. but not on the mat, a place we feel is reserved for wellness, peace and love.

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